Home Office to profit £4m from nurse tax

The Tories plan to exploit foreign nurses in our NHS, in order to generate profit.

Not only is Boris Johnson’s pledge for 50,000 nurses not true, the Conservatives are trying to profit from taxing hardworking nurses.

The Conservative’s manifesto commitment includes 12,000 nurses from abroad. The visa fee will be £464 for EU and international nurses.

The cost to the Home Office of processing one of those visa applications, however? £317 if it’s in the UK, or £127 if it’s made from overseas.

The Home Office would, therefore, make £4 million profit off the 12,000 nurses who are coming to the UK to work in our NHS to meet Boris’s demands.

Only someone as deceitful as Boris Johnson could dress up exploiting nurses as a gift to the NHS.

Our NHS currently relies on the hard work of 20,000 EU nurses.

We are already desperately short on numbers due to the 5,000 nurses who have already left the NHS. Many of those facing the nurse tax will come from the EU.

To discourage EU nurses from working in the NHS, when we already have a shortage, makes no sense at all.

Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit to support our NHS workforce, and invest £7 billion a year in health and social care to build a brighter future.

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