My Final Speech in 2019 GE Campaign

It has been a privilege to have been selected and stood for election as the Liberal Democrat Candidate for North Thanet.  I would like to add to Sir Roger’s thanks to all involved in the running of this election and my heartfelt thanks to all in the local Liberal Democrats team and the support of my family and my husband.

I’m proud to have increased the vote for the Liberal Democrats to 7.1% in North Thanet, especially with a Backdrop of National TV and Press promoting a two party system with presidential style debates.  Boris or Jeremy / Johnson or Corbyn?

I would like to pay tribute to our local press who have worked hard to ensure even handed coverage of all candidates in this election.

There are Four candidates standing here and until we move to  proportional representation, this adversarial FPTP system will continue to promote division and hatred – yes hatred – in our society where so many people feel we are not represented by those who govern us and that our vote is a wasted vote.

Under this outdated FPTP system tonight 62 % of voters in North Thanet are “winners” today as opposed to 38 % of “losers”.

Sir Roger, As I congratulate you on your success this evening, I call upon you as a one nation Conservative to take us all with you in your mind every time you walk into the House of Commons:

Keep the homeless people in Thanet in your mind, Keep the Teachers and Nurses in Thanet struggling every day to look after their charges in cash strapped schools and hospitals in your mind.  And keep both the Leave and Remain voters in your mind as you bear the responsibility for negotiating on our behalf the future relationship we have with the European Union.

 Angie Curwen, Liberal Democrats Candidate for North Thanet 2019

Lib Dems: Johnson’s immigration crackdown is straight out of Farage’s playbook

Responding to the Conservative Party’s plans for an immigration crackdown, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Christine Jardine said:

“Boris Johnson is demonising the EU nationals who contribute so much to our NHS, social care and economy. This dog-whistle politics is straight out of Nigel Farage or Donald Trump’s playbook.

“Conservative plans to end free movement would mean fewer EU nurses and care workers, and fewer opportunities for UK citizens to move abroad.

“Neither Johnson or Corbyn are standing up for free movement and for the millions of EU nationals who are our friends, colleagues and neighbours. Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Boris, stop Brexit and build a brighter future for the country.”

Angie Curwen, Liberal Democrats Candidate for North Thanet said:

“Like many long-serving Conservative politicians, including Ken Clarke and Lord Heseltine, I am angry that our Government has made political capital and whipped up hatred, playing on the day to day struggles in peoples’ lives, demonizing the EU and blaming all our woes on this relationship, reminiscent of much darker times in our history.  And I am truly sad that our MP, Sir Roger Gale has not followed their lead.”

“If, like me, you are angry about this, vote for me on Thursday 12th December to show you do not support the hostile environment the Conservative Government are creating for EU nationals.”

Liberal Democrats launch Plan for Business including £17bn research fund

  • Liberal Democrat Shadow Business Secretary Sam Gyimah will today give a major speech to business leaders in London to launch the party’s plan for businesses. 
  • He will set out why the Liberal Democrats are now the “natural party of business,” with a clear plan to boost innovation and stop the economic damage caused by Brexit. 
  • Neither Labour nor the Conservatives have yet published their specific plans for business during this campaign. The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has criticised both main parties for pursuing policies that are “not credible”, concluding that economic growth would be fastest under the Liberal Democrats due to their commitment to stop Brexit. 
  • The Liberal Democrat plans include a £17 billion research and development fund over the next five years to secure the UK’s position as a “global research powerhouse”. The funding will be used to leverage private investment and ensure that national spending on research and development reaches 3% of GDP as soon as possible.  The additional funding would come out of a £130 billion capital investment fund that would also support vital infrastructure projects across the country. This forms part of a series of proposals to boost innovation and growth across the UK economy including: 
  • Stopping Brexit to maintain access to skilled workers and research funding from the EU
  • Working with European neighbours to ensure tech giants and other multinationals pay their fair share of taxes, so up-and-coming entrepreneurs have a chance to compete
  • Increasing the British Business Bank’s support for venture capital funds to support UK digital start-ups
  • Increasing investment in the Strength in Places Fund, to boost innovation and economic growth in areas outside of London and the South East
  • Setting up creative enterprise zones to grow the cultural output of areas across the UK

Raab admits no-deal Brexit is still on the table

When asked on the Today Programme this morning whether the government is still prepared to crash out of the EU with no deal in 2020, the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said, “Yes, absolutely.” 

Responding, Shadow Liberal Democrat Brexit Secretary, Tom Brake said:

Dominic Raab has been forced to admit the Tories’ dirty secret: a no-deal Brexit is still on the table. 

Boris Johnson’s extreme Brexit plan would lead to us crashing out of the EU by the end of 2020, egged on by Donald Trump who wants to exploit a weakened UK.

People deserve better. It’s not too late to stop the damage to our economy, NHS and public finances from a Johnson Trump Brexit.

This election is a chance to stop Boris, stop Brexit, and build a brighter future.

Angie Curwen, Liberal Democrats Candidate for North Thanet said:

Vote Liberal Democrat, if like me, you believe a No Deal Brexit would be disastrous for Kent and for our Country.