Angie Curwen: Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Thanet

Liberal Democrat, Angie Curwen speaking to voters during the 2019 campaign trail.

Angie’s priorities are:

  • halting the downgrading of QEQM Hospital
  • increased funding for our local schools
  • a building programme for social housing
  • eliminating the housing waiting list in Thanet
  • a cohesive green transport policy to reduce air pollution
  • building proper cycle paths
  • improved public transport links

Angie’s Career Path

Angie started her career at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in one of the research departments, before transitioning into the world of information technology (IT) during the technological revolution in 1982.

During this time, Angie implemented computerised systems for many legal and insurance companies in the City of London.


Returning to her native county of Kent in 1991, Angie brought her data management skills to Pfizer’s Drug Safety Department, and was responsible for monitoring the drug safety of the company’s pharmaceutical portfolio.

After her children were born, up until 2008, Angie continued to work in this role part-time, when she eventually left to work for Quex Park.

Quex Park

At Quex Park, she was involved in reviewing the management of IT systems and human resources. In addition, Angie worked with all tourism-related business in East Kent, including Visit Thanet and Visit Kent, to raise the profile of Quex Park, and marketing it as a desirable tourist destination.

In recent years, Angie has become involved with many diversification projects, including Quex Foods, the former producer of Kentish Oils and Kent Crisps.

Kentish Oils and Kentish Crisps

In 2014, Angie initiated a management buy-out of Quex Foods, a subsidiary of Quex Park, when the latter took the decision to concentrate investment into its core business. Angie’s own company, AMC Foods, became the owner of Kentish Oils and Kent Crisps.

After winning contracts to supply P&O Ferries and British Airways, in addition to working with numerous local businesses, in 2016, Angie stood down as CEO of AMC Foods, in order to pursue her ambition to become a counsellor.

Angie’s Work In The Community

Angie has spent several years training with Canterbury Community Counselling Service, and also volunteers at her local primary school. In addition, she is a trustee of Louie’s Helping Hands, a local charity, which supports children with complex medical and educational needs.

She is also a founder member of the Thanet Community Land Trust (a non-political organisation), working to develop community-led housing. Angie also carries out volunteer work for a local homeless charity, helping people right across Thanet.

Angie is passionate about proper Mental Health care, Lifelong Education, and Community Housing. To this end, she works – both individually and collectively – to improve access to services for those in need.

As well as counsellor training, Angie is currently studying for several qualifications in Mental Health support.

Angie’s passion, determination, energy, and care for her community are the driving forces which push her to help improve the quality of life for so many people.

Angie and Politics

Angie has been involved in politics since 2016, when owing to her concern about increases in hate speech and the disconnect between communities in the UK, she joined the Liberal Democrats .

She passionately believes in an open and tolerant society, where our differences become the strengths that bind us together, rather than the divisions which tear us apart.

Angie believes that everyone can live life as they wish, as long as it doesn’t infringe anyone else’s rights or cause harm.

She’s also determined to help create a more caring society; one which provides equal opportunities for all. A society that values every child for all of their skills, and not merely academic ability.

Developed over many years, Angie’s own diverse skillset will be fully utilised when working as an MP for North Thanet.

Demand better. Vote Angie Curwen on December 12th 2019

Liberal Democrat PPC, Angela Curwen holding a banner at the People's March in October 2019.

6 thoughts on “Angie Curwen: Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Thanet

  1. Caroline Stevens says:

    Dear Ms Curwen,

    I cannot vote for Boris Johnson.

    I’m a staunch Remainer and have been on all the People’s Vote Marches in London.

    Evidently I should be voting Liberal Democrat and I am impressed by what I have read about you. However, my head tells me I should be voting tactically – that is for Labour who may just stand a chance of unseating the Conservatives.

    With all good wishes,

    • angiecurwen says:

      Thank you for your message Caroline. Like you I am committed to the UK remaining in the EU. Like you I have been on all the People’s Vote marches in London. I respect your right to place your vote for whichever candidate you feel is most likely to deliver what you obviously passionately believe in.

      So many of us have agonized over the best course of action in this election, evidenced by the brave decision by the Liberal Democrats Candidate in Canterbury, Tim Walker, who stood down in order to support the staunch Remainer, Rosie Duffield, Labour Candidate for Canterbury. I would suggest that before you vote for Labour in North Thanet that you ask the question of the Labour candidate whether they will support the UK remaining in the EU.

      As I am sure you are aware, North Thanet has been a Conservative seat for over 40 years with Labour a distant 2nd place in all but 2015 when UKIP took 2nd place. Liberal Democrats have in most years come a distant 3rd.

      However this election does offer clear alternatives. If the Conservatives achieve a clear majority it will give them a mandate for a very hard BREXIT. The Liberal Democrats, having proposed 17 motions in the House of Commons for a People’s Vote which sadly did not gain support from the Labour Party, have taken the decision to put the commitment to Revoke Article 50 in our manifesto as this election is in effect a People’s Vote on BREXIT. The Liberal Democrats are the unequivocal Remain option in this General Election.

      I am committed to stand in North Thanet, predicted in the polls to remain a Conservative hold, as I have received many pledges to vote for me from previously staunch Conservatives who have told me they can no longer vote Conservative and they could never vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Likewise I have received pledges to vote for me from previously staunch Labour supporters who also feel let down by Labour’s ineffective opposition to the Conservative Government and their indecisive position on BREXIT. At the very least I will give them someone to vote positively for, representing their wishes to remain in the EU, and who knows in these unprecedented times whether I can achieve more than that.

      Very Best Regards
      Angie Curwen

      • Caroline Stevens says:

        Dear Angie – may I call you that?

        Thank you for your full reply.

        I will vote for you. My ninety one year old brother in law is voting Lib Dem in Orpington. He has just told me if we all vote tactically, no one would ever vote for what they really believe in.

        My conscience is pricked.


        I’m prepared to post leaflets in my village of Minster-in-Thanet.

        Kind regards,

        • nicole says:

          Thank you so much, Caroline, your support means the world to us. Do spread the word!

          Best wishes,
          (on behalf of Angie Curwen)

  2. Brown says:

    Well done Angie, good luck. You have my vote this time keep up the good work
    Chris Brown

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